Thursday, March 31, 2016

Krozby 2 year old update

Ok... so it's been like 500 years since i've updated this thing.
I kind of feel like thanks to Instagram and other social media things, blogging kind of gets the back burner because it's so much easier to just post one picture/update on there rather than upload a billion pictures on here!

With that being said, I still want to update on here occasionally!
So, here is Krozby's 2 year old update... 

I took him in for his 2 year old check up (4 months ago!) and he was still small in all of his percentiles, but it was so long ago that I couldn't tell you all of his stats!
Pretty much he's still a shrimp though.

things to remember
for a long time he was obsessed with horses but now he is in love with all things super heroes! 

recently he has started talking A LOT more!

my favorite thing that he says is "I'm comin!" 

he still has his binky (only at nap time & bed time)

i've considered starting potty training but we haven't quite gotten there

a few weeks ago we decided to cut his hair off (so sad!) 
most of the time i like his new do, but i'm still considering growing it back out!

he is the busiest kid, ever! 
if i let him down in public he will take off running and i have to chase him down.
so i have to keep him in the cart or else shopping is torture.

he's a happy, funny guy!

his favorite thing to do is hide and scare people when they get home

his favorite shoes to wear are his snow boots (they are hideous haha)

he loves all animals!

he is obsessed with the ipad. 

the only foods he really likes to eat are mac & cheese and corn dogs!

that was a little update, but better than nothing!! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

that one time my 18 month old broke his arm....

thursday the 18th krozby and i went swimming with my friend jessica and her 2 little boys crue and corbin.

we were out playing in the grass during one of the hourly pool checks.
krozby and crue were running around when out of nowhere i see crue running at krozby and tackle him to the ground. football player style ha. 
it was a pretty hard hit and he was obviously crying but i didn't know anything seriously bad had happened. 
but after he got hit he would not settle down or stop crying. 
i decided to take him home and the whole way home he would cry and point at his left arm.
he was not being himself at all and i could tell something was really wrong. 
we got home and i looked at his right arm and compared it to his left and his left was really swollen and he wouldn't straighten it.
i called the doctor and they weren't able to get us in for about an hour so we laid on the couch and watched a movie to pass the time. 

when we got to the doctor he felt his arm and decided to send us to get x-rays right then. 
that was pretty much torture. 
i had to sit him on my lap and twist his poor arm in a bunch of different directions while they took the x-rays. so sad! he was screaming the whole time.

seriously break my heart!!! 
the doctor couldn't get a good read on the x-ray to see if there was an actual break, but he could tell it wasn't dislocated so they decided to put it in a splint and refer us to an orthopedic surgeon to get a second opinion.

he had to keep the splint on until his appointment the following tuesday
he did pretty well with it, except it was wrapped so tight and his poor fingers couldn't even move. when we went in to the orthopedic surgeon on tuesday they took the splint off and his arm had little cut marks from the pattern of the gauze pressing it so tight.
this picture doesn't even show how bad it was :(

they took another x-ray and decided that is was broken. 
luckily it wasn't bad enough to need surgery but the doctor wanted him to be in a cast for 3 or so weeks. 

getting that cast put on was SO traumatic!! 
idk why but he was FREAKING out the entire time. 

right when we got in the car he crashed. 

so that's where we are at now! we go in for follow up x-rays this thursday. crossing our fingers that everything is healing and growing as it should be. 

p.s. breaking your arm in the summer is the worst possible time. 
no getting the cast dirty or wet. 
aka no swimming, no playing in the dirt, and no baths.

with the weather up here getting to almost 100 degrees lately it makes for a very sweaty boy and boy do i miss being able to scrub him down in the bath!!

i'm hoping his cast will be off sooner than later!! 
and that his arm is back to 100%!

Krozby 18 months

Wow I have been a slacker on updates lately!!

this month kroz turned 18 months old. a whole year and a half!

where does the time go??

we haven't had a well child check up recently so i don't know his height or weight.
he's still a skinny guy but he is getting bigger and taller every day!

he wears 18 months shirts but pants and shorts he can fit into a 9 months still haha

in may we traveled down to Arizona to visit family and friends and be there for my sisters high school graduation. 
^^^this picture is how i felt about traveling with a busy toddler!^^^

my handsome guy in his vest for the graduation

we also got to meet up with some of our friends while we were there!
it's so fun to catch up with the McClendons and see how big both of the boys have gotten since we've last seen each other! 

krozby went through a period where he LOVED all kinds of balls. 
even when we would walk by round shaped fruit at the store he would point and yell 

now his newest obsession is cars.
he loves to sit on the floor and drive them around!

he is now going on 3 weeks (i think 3?) without his bottle! 
yay! getting rid of it was so easy. i was actually really surprised how well it went.

also we are on day 5 of him only having his binky for nap time and bed time.
this is HUGE! I was so nervous to take that thing away because it it such an easy fix most of the time if he is throwing a fit or crying haha but he has handled it like a champ!
idk when i will be brave enough to take it away during naps and bedtime but we will cross that bridge when we come to it i guess!

we've been growing his hair out and sometimes it it just the cutest thing i've ever seen!
...but sometimes (most of the time) it is such a haggard mess haha and this kids bedhead is on another level!!

one of his little buddies was in time out the other day at McDonalds so he decided to sit down by him and keep him company haha even though it looks like kroz is the one in trouble. goof ball!

speaking of McDonald's... some kid gave krozby a black eye! 
no one saw what happened because they were up in the jungle gym but seriously HOW SAD! 

i prolly am not the best parent for giving this kid soda but i can't just sit there and drink it in front of him and not share hahaha
and obviously he loves his coke as much as i do haha!

pretty much this kid is my best friend and i love him so much!!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter weekend

this years Easter was a lot funner than last years since Krozby can get a little more into the fun parts of holiday's now!

Saturday we went over to Jessica's and decorated sugar cookies and easter eggs with her and her boys

making sugar cookies is a lot of work, people!! 

and to be honest, after Corbin and Krozby both threw their eggs, we bagged that idea haha!

Easter Sunday Kroz woke up to the cutest little minion themed basket from the Easter BUNNY!

he got hooked up with all sorts of fun baby goodies, and i got hooked up with that SNICKERS BUNNY! hahaha oh the joys of being the parents :)

later that day he went on a little easter egg hunt at his grandparents

after all the Easter festivities were done, Krozby ended the night in his new minion jammies!! and he sure looked cute!!

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!!


back in march we went on a little vaca to 

my cousin was getting married and we 
couldn't miss it!! 

me, branden, krozby, ashley, casey. taysom, jaylen, my grandma, mom, and aunt sandy all went together and rented a cute little house to stay at!

traveling with that many people (including 2 toddlers) was interesting, but we made it work and all got to denver!

this was in the hotel bathroom the night before our flight hahaha naughty!!

cutest sleeping bubba on the plane!! (flying during nap time is the way to go!)

...and we made it to denver!!!

once we got onto the shuttle bus in the denver airport my mom 
SURPRISED all of us with tickets to....


life. made. 

the concert was on the last night we were there, so i'll get back to that!!

look at my cute guy!! 
the house we stayed in was an older house but the inside was totally remodeled and SO cute!!
i was in love with this tub. i'd love to have one just like it someday!!

friday night was 
The Bickerstaff wedding!!
my dudes in their bow ties!! #swoon

haha i feel like this is such an awkward picture but it's the only full body pic of us in our wedding gear! so it'll work. i'm seriously so short though.

again with the awkward pics.... 

my handsome date!

BOTH of my handsome dates!! love these two!!

seriously in love with the little pink shirt we found for him!!

the groom! aka one of my very favorite cousins of all time!!

the bride!! my newest cousin who i also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!

seriously, their wedding was so beautiful!

they had a photo booth set up and we totally took advantage of it!

they had lanterns for their send off, it was so cool!

i loved the sparklers we did at our wedding but these are a close second!

so the wedding was absolutely beautiful and so much fun!!
THEN the next night we went to the GARTH BROOKS concert!!

so funny story-- there were 8 of us, 4 of the tickets were next to each other and the other 4 were next to each other. One set was in the nose bleeds (literally the very top row of the arena) and the other set was 4 rows away from the stage. so we decided it would be fair to watch half of the concert in one seat and then switch to the other seats!!

(this picture is not great, but it shows how far away we were!)

we took the crappy seats for the first half and then finished off the concert up front!! it was crazy because EVERY song he played was a classic. we were worried that he sang ALL of his good hits during the first half, but then the second half rolled around and the hits KEPT COMING! 

we went from being so far away, to SO close!! it was awesome!!

seriously. it was one of the coolest things i've ever been to!

my mom gets the award for being the best. mom. ever. 
she surprised us all with tickets, we had NO idea, and it was the funnest night ever!!

the next morning we woke up at like 5am to make it to the airport for our early flight and made our way back home.
it was a jammed pack weekend, but one of the most fun trips i've ever been on!!!